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You are not alone, meet MaiaTM

Your Migraine AI Educator and Lifestyle Companion. Ask her anything about migraines and management strategies with specific focus on lifestyle including diet, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management. She is there for you 24/7 as your companion and coach helping you learn, relax or give you delicious migraine friendly recipe ideas.

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Wondering how Maia can help? Listen to a sample conversation below between Maia and a migrainuer seeking help on magnesium supplementation.  

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1-855 SAY MAIA

Sometimes you just want to talk instead of typing esp. when screen time can make your migraines worse. So, just call 1855-729-6242 anytime and, talk to Maia. Whether you want to learn or share, she is there for you 24/7.

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Chat with Maia

Sometimes its just easy to type away quietly. Maia is there for you on any device, web or your smartphone. Click Maia's icon below and explore everything from migraine treatment options to a migraine friendly breakfast recipe. 

Migraines by Numbers

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1 Billion

Global migraine sufferers including 39 millions in the US.

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of migraine sufferers are women and a majority between ages of 25-55.

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of migraine sufferers do not get proper medical care and suffer silently.

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of US migraine sufferers have moderate to severe symptoms.