Migra Well

Discover Migra-Well Migraine Supplements Beyond The Ordinary

Are migraines taking a toll on your vitality and well-being? We understand the challenges you face, and offer premium migraine supplements that go beyond ordinary nutrient solutions. Say hello to Migra-Well!

Comprehensive Brain & Nerve Support

Migra QWell gut brain botanical bottle with 2 pills and visual of human brain and stomach

Gut-Brain Support

Find adjunct support with Migra QWell gut brain botanical which provides soothing support when you need it the most. Can be safely combined with over the counter pain meds to improve tolerance and efficacy.

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Migra Well AM bottle with 2 pills and a visual of human with brain

Energizing multi-vitamin

Migra-Well AM advanced multi-vitamin formula is rich with highly bioavailable brain and nerve health supporting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which close key nutrient gaps and promote energy throughout the day. 

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Migra Well PM Bottle with 2 Pills

Nutrient rich sleep aid

Find sleep & key nutrient support in Migra-Well PM. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), PharmaGABA and relaxing magnesium bisglycinate and a small but potent dose of melatonin which supports sleep and promotes prevention.

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Which Migra-Well is for me?

Which Migra-Well is for me?For in the moment migraine relief, take 2 Capsules of Migra-Qwell at onset and repeat every 1-2 hours for a max of 8 capsules in a day.

To close your nutritional gaps, we recommend taking Migra-Well AM and/or Migra-Well PM daily for 2-3 months for best results.

Take Migra-Well AM, if you need daytime energy, fatigue and brainfog support. 

Take Migra-Well PM, if you need night-time sleep support. 


While the ingredients in Migra-Well products are generally safe, we recommend that before using these products you discuss with a trusted healthcare practitioner if you are under 18, pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.

Can I take ALL 3 Migra-Well?

Yes, a regimen of all 3 products within the Migra-Well range can provide optimal results:

For Migra-Well AM – take 2 capsules in the morning with a meal. 

For in the moment head and nausea relief, take 2 capsules of Migra-Qwell at onset and repeat every 1-2 hours till symptoms improve. Do not exceed more than 8 capsules in 24 hours.

For Migra-Well PM - take 2 Capsules before bedtime with a meal.

Seek healthcare professional advice before use if pregnant, nursing or for children under 12.

When will I feel the benefits?

Migra-QWell can act within the hour after taking but for more severe inflammation, multiple doses may be needed to find relief.

Migra-Well AM and PM are nutrient formulas that address the underlying migraine nutrient gaps. Filling those gaps can take 5-8 weeks which is the average time to start seeing a difference.

Does Migra-Well have side effects?

Every treatment can come with some risk of side effects, however most people do not experience adverse side effects from the ingredients found in the Migra-Well products when they are taken per the directions on the bottles. 

If you are pregnant or nursing, on medications, concerned about specific side effects, or for children 12 and under, seek advice from a healthcare professional before use.

What is the satisfaction guarantee?

We want to you to be 100% satisfied with Migra-Well products. If you are not satisfied with Migra-Well within 60 days of your purchase, please contact our customer service at [email protected] and we will provide a full refund without the need for you to ship the bottle(s) back. 

Note: Migra-QWell acts faster to give you in the moment (same day) relief. Migra-Well AM and Migra-Well PM close nutrient gaps can can take up to 8 weeks for you to see meaningful benefit.

What is the science behind Migra-Well?

Each ingredient in Migra-Well has been thoroughly researched and the ingredients have been synergistically combined by Headache Specialist MD at Scripps Health in San Diego, CA with over 20 years of experience treating headaches and migraines. Learn about each ingredient and see supporting research here