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Approximately 70-80% of migraine sufferers identify stress as a trigger. Emotional and physical stressors are among the most common and significant triggers.

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Hormonal Changes

In women, hormonal fluctuations are a trigger for about 50-60% of those who suffer from migraines, particularly related to menstrual cycles.

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Changes in Sleep

Irregular sleep patterns, including both lack of sleep and oversleeping, affect about 50% of migraine sufferers. Sleep disturbances are a significant trigger for many.

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Sensory Stimuli

Bright or flickering lights trigger migraines in about 40-50% of sufferers. Similarly, loud noises and strong odors can also be triggers, but the specific percentages vary widely.

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Weather Changes

Changes in weather or barometric pressure trigger migraines in approximately 30-50% of people with migraines. This includes various weather-related changes like storms, temperature shifts, or high humidity.

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Food and Drinks

Around 20-30% of migraine sufferers report certain foods and drinks as triggers. Common culprits include aged cheeses, processed foods, red wine, chocolate, and foods containing MSG.

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Physical Activity

Intense physical exercise can trigger migraines in about 10% of sufferers. This includes activities like heavy lifting, running, or even sexual activity.

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The percentage of migraine sufferers triggered by medications like vasodilators or oral contraceptives varies, but it can be significant, especially in those with medication-overuse headaches.