Migra Well
Portrait of a young woman has a headache, migraine, closeup

Migraine Without Aura

The most common type, characterized by moderate to severe headache pain, usually on one side of the head, with symptoms like nausea, light and sound sensitivity.

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Migraine With Aura

Involves additional neurological symptoms, known as aura, such as visual disturbances, tingling, or speech difficulties, typically occurring before the headache phase.

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Chronic Migraine

Defined by headaches on 15 or more days per month, with migraine symptoms on at least 8 days. It represents a more severe form of the condition.

Woman with headache or migraine is holding her aching forehead - isolated on white background

Menstrual Migraine

Occurs in sync with a woman’s menstrual cycle, likely related to hormonal changes. It can happen with or without aura.

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Vestibular Migraine

Leads to dizziness and balance problems, often without headache pain. It can cause sensitivity to motion, light, and sound.

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Hemiplegic Migraine

A rare form causing temporary paralysis or neurological deficits on one side of the body before or during the headache.

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Retinal Migraine

Another rare type, involving temporary, partial, or complete loss of vision in one eye, accompanied or followed by a headache.

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Silent Migraine

Characterized by aura and other migraine symptoms but without the headache phase.

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Status Migrainosus

A severe migraine that lasts for more than 72 hours.