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Extend Your Headache Care Beyond the Office

With Maia, our empathetic AI educator and lifestyle companion, your patients receive 24/7 support on migraine education, medication guidance, and lifestyle management, directly reducing your care burden and enhancing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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Key Benefits:

  • 24/7 Patient Support: Maia, our voice and chat-based AI, offers compassionate education and lifestyle coaching around the clock.
  • Reduce Care Burden: Significantly lessen the time you spend on patient education regarding migraines, medications, and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Improve Outcomes: Empower your patients with knowledge and support to manage their condition effectively, improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Backed by Experts: All content is meticulously overseen by Dr. Robert Bonakdar, a renowned Headache Specialist MD at Scripps Health in San Diego, ensuring reliability and accuracy.
  • Cost-Free Solution: MigraWell and Maia are offered at no cost to both clinicians and their patients, making advanced care accessible to all.

Empower Your Practice and Patients Today. Take the first step towards revolutionizing migraine care in your practice.

Schedule a 30-minute call with us for a comprehensive demo of MigraWell and see how we can help you enhance patient care and satisfaction.

Limited Time Offer for Clinicians

Join the MigraWell Clinician network today to get free access to Wellkasa Rx (Clinician AI) which performs at ~98% accuracy on USMLE and MedQA sample exams. Think of Wellkasa Rx as a junior resident eager to support you with accurate responses on any medical question from differential diagnoses to drug mechanisms of action or interactions. 

Add MigraWell to your patient care today!

Please fill this form to submit your interest to become a MigraWell affiliate clinician. We will follow up with a 30 minute demo meeting to share all the features an benefits of Migra Well platform. Following this meeting we will send you custom patient collateral for your practice, so that you can start sharing MigraWell with your patients soon.

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